Friday, April 17, 2009

Terminator Getting Canceled is Serious

Terminator getting canceled is like a thousand puppies getting run over. Its serious. Television has been headed in a terrible direction for a while now and this shows just how bad that direction really is. Shows aren't given a chance to grow at all anymore. Even with the bad economy networks still aren't willing take a chance and let shows grow. T:SCC is part of an established franchise that was put on a bad night. Its obvious that given a chance it would defiantly become more successful. But its not getting a chance and we're all gonna die.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles did something that network TV shows don't do. It was brutally honest. Josh Friedman, the mastermind behind the show, could have made the show all about Terminators getting naked and fighting all the time. He didn't. He made the show focus on the consequences of being the mother of the savior of mankind. Sarah Connor never really was a deep character in the movies. In The Terminator she was a young woman fighting for her life. In T2 she was a woman fighting for her sons life. We never got to see her live her life on a daily basis. T:SCC showed this.

The show is also the only successful tv show continuation of a movie franchise that doesn't throw everything out the window.
T:SCC is canon with The Terminator and T2. T3 and Terminator: Salvation are not.

So basically what I'm trying to say is, McG is a fuckface!

A Briefcase for Sanity (or Something Blue)

I recently discovered that I have three personalities. These are them. This probably needs to be edited or something... but to hell with editing! I can do whatever I want! It's my blog. I don't care what "Old Jewish Man" said. He's not the boss of me! I can make myself look crazy as much as I want. Just 'cause my horse swims doesn't mean the water needs to be changed every Saturday, and that's the rest of the story...

Warner tends to come out late at night. He'll also come out when around people he feels really comfortable with. But he mostly comes out when he's alone.
He swears at his computer and insults it regularly, not out of hate, but out of love. Usually while watching a TV show on his computer he'll talk out loud to himself. Most of the time he'll be commenting on the TV show, either pointing out inaccuracies or asking himself questions about what's going on in the show. After a few sentences Warner will end up saying to himself, "Stop talking to yourself." followed by "It makes you look weird."
Warner is hyperactive. His mind often wanders. He usually feels very creative but he struggles to follow through with his creative impulses.
Warner also enjoys changing the lyrics to different songs that he likes. His replacement lyrics are mostly violent in nature. He doesn't mean to make them violent though.
Warner typically finds himself singing out loud when he's alone. Sometimes he just sings different parts of songs and other times he'll make up a song. He also ends up humming to himself a lot.
When around people he feels comfortable with he'll usually say clever things or make strange jokes that are hard to understand. He'll normally state exactly how he feels about whatever he's talking about. Occasionally he'll even be purposely annoying just to see how the people he's with will react. He'll often end up saying something mean without realizing it as well.
Warner's main goal is to forget about his problems.

Nale usually comes out when he's not in his comfort zone. In general he's semi well composed. When around people he doesn't know very well, he'll be very quiet. But if there is someone he knows with him, he may not be as quiet. He'll also come out when around people that he knows pretty well but doesn't exactly feel all that comfortable with. Nale will, on rare occasions, come out when he's completely alone.
Nale normally keeps an inter monologue going. It may veer off a lot but it eventually ends up back where it started. The subject matter of his inter monologue tends to be stuff that Nale nor Warner would ever say aloud.
Fear and anger are two major factors that go into Nale's decision making.
When someone Nale doesn't know engages him in conversation, Nale typically finds himself talking in depth about something. This becomes a problem sometimes, because Nale ends up getting lost in what he's trying to say. He then is forced to admit defeat and essentially ends what he's saying by explaining to the person he's talking to that "I'm probably not explaining this very well."
Nale finds it hard to explain jokes or things he thinks are funny. Part of it has to do with his memory. He doesn't remember things very well, which makes what he's trying to say incoherent. Nale's struggles with memory also makes it almost impossible to remember what he said in a conversation. He'll usually remember what the other person said, but when it comes to what he said, he'll either draw a blank or he'll only be able to remember the general idea he got across.
One major problem Nale has is the fact that after he does or says something really stupid he'll never let himself forget it. Whenever that thing Nale did comes to the fore front of his mind he'll verbally abuse himself in his inter monologue. Eventually he'll be able to push it out of his mind but it'll always come back. Every once in a while something Nale did a longtime ago will pop up as well. This form of mental abuse occurs in Warner occasionally but its not as bad.
Nale's main goal is to get back in his comfort zone.

Godsyn is basically miscellaneous. He's whatever Warner and Nale aren't. Godsyn almost always comes out while dreaming. One could say that, for all intents and purposes, Godsyn is the crazy one.