Thursday, November 25, 2010

CANDY LAND VS. MONOPOLY "Rules/Instructions"

(NOTE: This is a joke and it isn't suppose to make a lot of sense as an actual game. I created this whole concept for my webseries. At one point the characters end up playing it because they all get really bored. They pretty much make it up on the fly. If you have any ideas on how to improve these rule/instructions please post them in the comments below.)

Monopoly (game board, money, houses, title deeds)
Candy Land (game board, color cards)
Chess (pawns, two kings)
Clue (2 sets of suspect cards, 2 sets of room cards, 2 sets of weapon cards)
Risk (80 army units)
Six-Sided Die

Goals of the Game:
1st - Be the first to hire an assassin to kill the the king/president of your game board.
2nd - Take the place of your game board's former king/president.
3rd - Overwhelm the opposing board with your army.

4 or more players are required to play (You can play with 3 but then it becomes even more pointless then it already is.)
There has to be at least 2 players on each game board. (If your playing with 3 players then at least 1 player has to be on each game board which is pointless.)

Both game boards are placed side by side. Clue cards are used instead of the chance cards and community chest cards. Each player chooses which game board they will be playing on. Then they choose a pawn to represent them.

Players start at the beginning of their respective game boards. Each game board's gameplay matches the gameplay of it's respective game except for a few differences.

Candy Land Gameplay Differences: When you land on a purple square you pick up a Clue card. When you get to the end of the trail you start back at the beginning.

Monopoly Gameplay Differences: When you land on a Chance or Community Chest square you pick up a Clue card.

In order to reach the 1st goal you must collect 1 Suspect Card, 1 Room Card, and 1 Weapon Card. When you've done that that means you've successfully hired an assassin to assassinate the King (Candy Land Game Board) or President (Monopoly Game Board) of your respective board.

In order to reach the 2nd goal you must quickly say "King Me!" or "President Me!" before the other players of your game board. If you do then you take over your game board knocking the other players on your game board out of play. If one of the other players says it before you then they take over the board. After that you replace your pawn with a king (for no reason whatsoever).

After both game boards have been taken over gameplay changes completely.

In order to reach the 3rd goal the final two players take turns rolling the die. Each player places as many Risk army units on the other player's board as the number they roll. The player who places more then 40 units on the other players game board overwhelms the other player's army winning the entire game.