Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Episode One Of My Webseries: ROUGH DRAFT

Okay, so I decided to create my very own webseries and this is the script for the first episode. It's pretty rough so be as critical as possible. I think I might call it "The WTF-Files".

Andrew Gleason's Untitled Web Series

The characters in the script started out as a joke on Twitter. Sometime last year I created a fictional convention called ARGH-Con. For three whole days I kept tweeting about all the weird stuff that was going at it. There was panel for a MMO based on the old TV show Bonanza, the unveiling of the first electric blanket-moblie, and Free Tacos. (Free Tacos are tacos that run around.) At one point I mentioned there was two FBI agents investigating something at the convention. In the end the entire convention hall was sucked into a black hole leaving a giant crater behind just like in the final episode of Buffy. The two FBI agents survived along with a handful of people. That's pretty much the backstory for the two main characters.