Thursday, September 10, 2009

KABOOM: A Felicia Day Interview

Brief Explanation: I'm Andrew Gleason and some of The Guild was filmed at my apartment complex. To learn about that go here. Felicia Day and company also filmed some of Season 3 here too. When they were done filming I asked Felicia if I could interview her via e-mail. She said yes obviously and I finally got around to sending her the interview questions. Felicia is mouthwateringly (yes you read that right) busy but she has super powers that allow her to do all sorts of things. So thank you Felicia Day, thank you for giving me something significant to post on my blog.

Question: If you hadn't found an apartment complex to film at for the 2nd Season of The Guild how would that have affected the story? I've got to know.
Felicia: It would not have affected the story much with Codex, we would have borrowed another living room, but the stunt with Wade jumping off the balcony possibly would have been cut due to not having an appropriate and safe way to do it.

Question: Will The Guild comic tie into the show in a significant way?
Felicia: It will be out of the timeline of the current web show.

Question: What are some things we'll never see happen on The Guild?
Felicia: Probably Codex holding a gun, but honestly, who knows, jumping the shark like that could be fun, haha.

Question: Will you be showing off your impressive violin skills on The Guild again?
Felicia: Not in the near future, but I wish! I had no time to practice for the Season 2 one at all. If I write it in again, I would be very careful to block out practice time!

Question: Can you give me an exclusive little spoiler for Season 3 of The Guild?
Felicia: You'll be seeing some of Dena this season, one of my fave tangental characters!

Question: Your role on Dollhouse was very different from a lot of your other roles. Did you do anything special to prepare yourself for it?
Felicia: I made a playlist of lots of hard rock and apocalyptic music, like Muse and White Stripes and Soundgarden. I also carried my gun everywhere on set, even to lunch.

Question: Of all the movies you've been in, which one was your favorite to work on?
Felicia: Dr. Horrible of course. I guess that wasn't a movie, but kinda!

Question: What's it like being a redhead in Hollywood? Is it pretty challenging?
Felicia: It's hard because we're always competing with the "best friend" role. I know all the redheads in town, we always see each other at each audition!

Question: My mom would like to know which you like to do more, comedy or drama?
Felicia: I like doing comedy the best, I get nervous when I take myself seriously, like people will make fun of me for it. I make fun of myself before they can!

Question: My special Twitter friend @neptunegrand wants to know how fame has affected your life?
Felicia: Er, I'm in a weird position that I'm only "famous" if I go to conventions, most people don't know who I am and I'm cool with that! I do like becoming a role model for geeky girls though, and for gamers. I feel like everyone needs a voice in the world, and I hope I'm opening the door for other people do to stuff like I do, bigger and better!

Silly Question: Who'd win in a fight Vi (from BtVS) or Codex's Avatar?
Felicia: Hard to say, Vi didn't have a lot of armor on, but she has Slayer strength. Codex is pretty high level though...I'll have to go with Codex although Vi would definitely bloody up that nice corset, haha.

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ClydeFrog said...

Thanks for posting the interview. I met her at Dragon Con this year, really nice gal!

ARG(h) said...

Your welcome. Felicia is so amazingly wonderful that she was recently classified as a magical creature. [})