Thursday, February 4, 2010

Episode Five Of My Webseries: ROUGH DRAFT

This episode is kind of a turning point for me (and the series). I feel like I understand both characters equally. I originally didn't see Scullery as a whole person but writing this episode helped me discover her. It's kinda of exciting. Purple monkey dishwasher...

Webseries Episode 5


Ryanne said...

I can't quite put my finger on it, but somethings missing in this one. I'm going to re-read it a few more times and get back to you. But as always, I love your writing style and this is making me smile!

ARG(h) said...

I completely understand. I'm not sure if anything is really missing but this episode is definitely different. When I sat down to write it I actually said to myself, "Kristina, this episode needs to begin with something different and exciting."

I considered having it start with an action scene, possibly a chase sequence. After thinking about it though that just didn't seem to fit. Plus that'd probably be expensive to shoot.

I eventually decided to go with the dream concept for 2 reasons. 1) I wanted to do something creepy and 2) I wanted to "raise the stakes" a little. It's not clear at the moment but that paper airplane will play an important part in the season finale.

While writing this episode I felt like making it a little more serious than the other ones. The episodes that came before it are obviously very silly. Smolder says and does a lot more crazy things in them then in this episode. I'm not sure why that is yet. It probably has something to do with the letter Amelia Earhart gave him.

I'm slowly building some sort of mythology for the series. I'm not really sure what's gonna happen until I've written it but I do have a few things planned out. I just figured out how the last episode ends and I'm pretty excited about it.

So anyways, if you're able to figure out what you think is missing then please let me know. And thanks for all your support. If it wasn't for you I'd probably have quit before I made it to episode 5. [})