Monday, January 26, 2009

Things I noticed a week or so ago...

Erik Larsen is ticked off because Marvel used his newest comic book creation, Obama: "The Magic Negro", without his permission. Erik Larsen doesn't have a problem with Rob Liefeld using him though. Do I smell a double standard? No... that's just the turkey cooking in the oven. Now where's the babysitter? Dirty hippie... wait... I don't remember buying a turkey! And where did all this LSD come from?

Battlestar Galactica has revealed who the "Final Cylon" is and its not that gay guy with one leg (aka the pirate). I really wanted it to be the gay pirate.

Fox and Warners Brothers have settled on the "Watchmen Lawsuit". This means that those "freaks on the internet who wear raincoats in their bedrooms" can shut up about Fox eating all the dicks. To find out about all those dicks go here.

Obama is a self-described "skinny kid with a funny name" which makes me question his ability to describe anything. (I found that quote along with a bunch of other worthless crap here)

Stan Lee is going to make a tv show about the world's first gay superhero (according to this article). This article is lying! Northstar was the first and the gayest, if you don't include Thor. As proof that Thor is gay I give you this video clip. Go to about 6:55 and you'll see the proof.). First strippers (Stripperella), then homosexuals... what's Stan Lee gonna do next? More crap is my guess... then he may die (possibly while taking a crap!)

To learn more about "The Magic Negro" you might want to go here. (I didn't make that term up, I'm just quoting what someone else said.)

To learn what the owner of the Obama intellectual property had to say about Marvel (aka "House of Ideas" my ass) go here.

To learn what was really cooking in the oven go here.

Also Superman is a bad influence.

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