Monday, August 10, 2009

My Missing X-Files Tweets

Colony (X-Files 2.16) - Hey! Its Samantha! Or is it? No, its not really her.

End Game (X-Files 2.17) - Oh no! Not death by submarine! Roll Mulder! Roll!

Fearful Symmetry (X-Files 2.18) - [Mulder's mobile phone beeps] Frohike: "If that's the lovely Agent Scully, let her know I've been working out... I'm buff!"

Død Kalm (X-Files 2.19) - For some reason I really like the episodes where Mulder and Scully are stranded somewhere.

Humbug (X-Files 2.20) - Hey! Its Michael J. Anderson on The X-Files! He played The Man from Another Place on Twin Peaks.

The Calusari (X-Files 2.21) - I'm pretty sure that movie The Unborn ripped off this episode.

F. Emasculata (X-Files 2.22) - A very yucky and gross episode!

Soft Light (X-Files 2.23) - Hey! Its Tony Shalhoub on The X-Files! Tony Shalhooooub!!!

Our Town (X-Files 2.24) - Cannibals... hmm... okay, sure!

Anasazi (X-Files 2.25) - Oh no! Mulder is dead!

Hooray! I've finished the 2nd season of The X-Files

The Blessing Way (X-Files 3.1) - Krycek obviously has the hots for Mulder...

Paper Clip (X-Files 3.2) - Ah! Little aliens just ran by Scully!

D.P.O. (X-Files 3.3) - Hey! It's Jack Black on The X-Files! Oh and Giovanni Ribisi is on The X-Files too...

Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose (X-Files 3.4) - Hey! Its that guy who played that horrible old man on Everybody Loves Raymond, Peter Boyle.

The List (X-Files 3.5) - Maggots! Yuck!

2Shy (X-Files 3.6) - Dang! Why does the mutant have to kill chubby women?

The Walk (X-Files 3.7) - Hey! That guy has no arms or legs!

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