Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ARG(h)-Con Ideas

UPDATE: If you plan on "attending" please post at least two ideas in the comments section. Don't make me beg!

Okay so here's a few ideas I had about what might end up happening at ARG(h)-Con this weekend. Let me know what you think and feel free to post your own ideas in the comments section. And just so you know I think ARG(h)-Con should be a combination of Comic-Con, E3, and Disneyland.

Fran and Kaz Kuzui annouce that their new Buffy movie will be written by JJ Abrams and directed by Michael Bay.

Pug Puppy Parade

Q&A with the remaining cast of Bonanza. The first question that's asked is, "What the hell is Bonanza?"

(UPDATE) A Ponderosa MMORPG is announced. (Mandrake3k thought of this one.)

A panel for a new webseries called The Clan.

Morgan Freeman reads my script for a movie called Dinosuars from Outer Space. (For info on that go here.)

(UPDATED) Someone calls in a bomb threat and everyone has to evacuate. Later we find out it was just Uwe Boll announcing he's next movie "Frogger". He says it has lots of car chases and real prostitute nudity.

(NEW) I announce my preliminary plans to maybe create a webseries with Andrew Seely, the creator of Melts In Your Pocket, about a ghost who solves mysteries at an all-girl's boarding school. (This is actually kind of real. Andrew wants to meet with me sometime soon to talk about it. Nothing is set in stone and it may never come to fruition so yeah. Its still pretty cool though don't you think? I'm thinking of calling it either "Spooktacular" or "Golgotha: A School for Girls" but those seem pretty stupid.)

(NEW) Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd's stunt doubles from Moonlighting fight David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson's stunt doubles from The X-Files in hand-to-hand combat. (We can describe it and eventually decide who wins.)

(NEW) Free Tacos (Inside of being free of charge they are actually a breed of living tacos that we have to catch if we want to eat them.)

(NEW) The Godfather Sing-Along (After a little while we realize this idea doesn't make any sense and it gets switched to Commentary! The Musical from the Dr. Horrible DVD)

(NEW) Danny Devito gets drunk and does a Q&A. (Geehak thought of this one.) Maybe we can have an on going debate about whether its actually him or just somebody who walked in off the street. And we can post the "questions" people ask and then post the "answers".

(NEW) A panel for the Free Credit Report band. It turns out that it was just an excuse to get them there so we could beat them up. (This one was inspired by Geehak. He actually wanted there to be an assassination attempt.)

(NEW) A panel for Tim Burton's lawyer. (It was originally suppose to be Tim Burton himself but he never even considered coming. He sent he's lawyer because of all the harassing phone calls he kept getting.)

(NEW) The Baywatch Complete Series DVD Box Set gets released and everybody starts throwing the DVDs around like frisbees until they're all destroyed.


jedielf said...

Considering I might be asleep due to timezone differences for a part of this con, maybe there should be a running commentary of me sleeping.

ARG(h) said...

That makes sense but you need to make sure you say something like, "Damn I'm tired!" before you actually go to sleep.