Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Poem: Brian Tumor

This poem is dedicated to X. and the WTFs.

I can't believe you're so bitter!
You're such a fucking quitter!

I wish my life had ended years ago.
Then maybe I wouldn't feel it grow.

My reality has become cankerous,
And it's getting more and more dangerous.

Sometimes I hallucinate,
Realizing later that it wasn't fate.

I won't have a proper sending.
So much for my happy ending!

The colorless physicians are what I really dread.
Every time I have to see them I wish I were dead.

Doesn't matter what I wish,
Cause I can't even distinguish.

My skulls going to explode,
I can actually feel the poisonous node.

I tear apart my juvenile room,
While I tread into the gloom.

I can't feel my body any longer,
As I blackout instead of feeling stronger.

The stairway to eternity
I climb with a dakru uncertainty.

The closer to the end I get,
The more I feel that I regret.

I can't bare the pressure,
I just want to feel pleasure.

Twelve hours of vomiting, straight,
I feel it's only going to cumulate.

I suffer more pain, as I stare,
At the x-rays of the thing I can't bare.

The blackness is taking over.
Expanding out like a four leaf clover.

I'm absolutely sure that in a few,
I won't get to meet all those people I never knew.

In the next four years my life will be just a rumor.
All because of this sordid, toxic, infestation called a Brain Tumor.

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Anonymous said...

This is deep:( God love's you