Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Big Waste of Time and Money

These are basically all the TV shows I've watched and generally enjoyed. Heroes would be the exception cause I didn't enjoy watching it.
I own most of these shows shows on DVD and I'll be opening a library called "Mastertastic's Library of Television".
When it says "every episode" that means I've watched every episode, unless its still on the air.
When it says "only a few episodes" that means I've only watched a few episodes but I intend to watch the rest eventually.
When it says "in the middle" that means I own it and I'm currently watching it.
When it says "CRAZY PETE TOUCHED ME IN MY DANGER AREA" that means you need to take less drugs.
If it doesn't say anything then that means I've probably watched most of it.
I may have left a few shows off because I forgot about them.

30 Rock

Alias | Every episode

Alien Nation | Only a few episodes

Aliens in America | Only a few episodes

Angel | Every episode

Arrested Development | Every episode

Batman Beyond | Every episode

Battlestar Galactica

Beauty and the Beast | Only a few episodes but in the middle


Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Every episode

Castle | Only a few episodes

Cupid (2009) | Only a few episodes

Damages | Only a few episodes

Dark Angel | Every episode

Dead Like Me | Every episode



Eureka | Only a few episodes

Felicity | In the middle

Firefly | Every episode

Freaks and Geeks | Every episode

Futurama | Every episode

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Gossip Girl | Only a few episodes

Green Acres

Harsh Realm | In the middle


How I Met Your Mother

I Love Lucy

Invasion | In the middle

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Jekyll | Only a few episodes

Joan of Arcadia | In the middle

Justice League / Justice League Unlimited | Every episode

Kath & Kim | Every episode

Kingdom Hospital | Every episode


Millennium | Every episode

Miracles | Every episode


Moonlighting | In the middle

Night Stalker (2005) | Every episode

Northern Exposure | Only a few episodes

Party Down

Point Pleasant | Only a few episodes

Police Squad! | Every episode

Popular | Every episode


Pushing Daisies


Robot Chicken

Sit Down, Shut Up

Sledge Hammer

Space: Above and Beyond | Only a few episodes

Strangers with Candy | Only a few episodes


Surface | Every episode

Teen Titans | Every episode

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles | Every episode

The 4400 | Every episode

The Brak Show

The Lone Gumen | Every episode

The Middleman | Only a few episodes

The Simpsons

The X-Files | Every episode

Threshold | Every episode

Tru Calling | In the middle

Twin Peaks | Every episode

Ultraviolet | Only a few episodes

Veronica Mars | Every episode


Wonderfalls | Every episode

I'd like to dedicate this blog post to Mandrake3k cause he said this to me on Twitter: "You watch a lot of TV"

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