Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Poem: A Heart Full of Lead

This poem is dedicated to Me and the chemical mixture in my blood.

The eyes of the city see
That there is only me.

Alone in the lower district,
I feel like those dakru harlequins, they tricked.

I made a deal, a deal of blood,
A deal so evil, there was a major flood.

Killing off all of the city people,
I survived by clutching the church steeple.

It was a world wide flood of death.
Everyone but me lost there precious breath.

I wandered aimlessly around,
There were no bodies on the ground.

I looked for any sign of life,
But there wasn't even any bit of strife.

I wanted to leave but I knew I couldn't,
Or maybe it was that I knew I shouldn't.

It was a cataclysmic place,
Shattered and broken like a glass case.

As the bloody sun began to drop,
I finally found a gun shop.

After loading up the one of my choice,
I felt that soon I could rejoice.

Cocking the handgun I got ready to fire.
This is what I know I truly desire.

This is were I started talking,
As I began the cocking.

Aimed at my heart, I pull the trigger,
I hear a sound that was so much bigger.

As I heard that sound before I was dead
I knew I would have A Heart Full of Lead.

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